Roaring Fork Weekly Journal – Ski history goes on sale in Carbondale

Text & Photos by: Madeleine Osberger, Editor, Roaring Fork Weekly Journal

Richard  Allen and his ski collection

Richard Allen has collected so much ski memorabilia that he’s having a big sale Friday through Sunday in his Carbondale warehouse to clear some out. This is a chance to take a run down memory lane and enjoy the story behind many of Vintage Ski World’s pieces.

The old wooden skis with the pointy tips that Richard Allen says are circa 19th century and discovered on Aspen Mountain’s backside, may not be the most interesting piece of memorabilia in Vintage Ski World’s collection, which is housed in a Carbondale warehouse and a freestanding store in downtown Frisco.

The contenders for “most interesting” reflect one’s personal choice, of course, but during a recent visit to Vintage Ski World’s digs at 1676 County Road 100, unit N-2, in Carbondale, there were welcome surprises around every corner, in the shelves that reach high in the building and on the floors where, literally every nook and cranny overflowed with collectables.

From Sept. 20–22, everything is on sale during a three-day celebration of ski equipment and memorabilia that includes live music by Wade Waters, refreshments from The Back Door Catering and special presentations by Dave Durrance and Robert Chamberlain.

There, one can find the always popular and sexy Lange boots advertisements that were steeped in 1970s culture among its poster reproductions. They are mixed in with Allen’s breathtaking collection of ski history that’s manifested in original paintings and prints, skis and boots, and an early snowboard called a “Snurfer.”

Allen, the consummate collector, has amassed an impressive amount of skiing’s physical history; he bought the bulk of Steve Knowlton’s array of memorabilia from the defunct Cafe Kandahar, including 10th Mountain Division soldiers uniforms. He also acquired the old Aspen Mountain boat tow, that was subsequently donated to the Aspen Historical Society.

vintage ski patch collection

“He’s been collecting forever,” said Mary Roland, Allen’s business partner in the venture, who will soon be stepping away to pursue her own passion, which is to-be-determined.

Both Allen and Roland are Minnesota natives who relocated to Colorado, though Allen’s local roots hearken back to a Snowmass Village home his parents bought in the 1970s. It was there that the family also hosted renowned artist Cecile Johnson, whose ski original paintings and prints are included in this weekend’s sale.

steamboat springs happy trails poster

Vintage Ski World operated in a retail space on the Cooper Avenue mall in Aspen from 2004-06 until the rent proved prohibitive.

“It was the heartfelt connection with these old time Aspenites, they would just start crying,” Allen said. That endeared him to the retail side.

“Their kids would be like, ‘Grandpa, is that your skis?’” he recalled.

Similarly, Allen also remembered one year during the X Games that a group of kids and teens wearing hoodies were captivated by an early Burton snowboard video playing in the store.

“All of a sudden, the kids started laughing. Dad, is that you?” they asked of a customer who was revealed to be snowboard pioneer Jake Burton.

While the two winter seasons Vintage Ski World hung its shingle in Aspen were almost enough to sustain the $15,000 per month rent, “summer just killed us,” Allen said.

Kick starting the business

Allen credits Lou Dawson, an author and backcountry enthusiast, with providing the nudge to start selling reproduced vintage posters. Offering an initial $50,000 in funding for the project was George Stranahan, he said, and paying back Stranahan’s loan came after just a few years due to the popularity of the products.

For awhile, Vintage Ski World was also a constant presence at local farmers’ markets and the Carbondale Mountain Fair.

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PSIA-AASI celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Interski 1968 Aspen

We celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Interski 1968 Aspen, a truly memorable event in the history of American snowsports. This 1968 gathering in the heart of Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley was the eighth International Ski Instructors Congress, the world’s largest gathering of professional ski instructors. To this day, it is the only Interski to have been held in the US.

Tonight April 7, 2018, the PSIA-AASI will host a special reception at the Limelight Hotel in Aspen, CO to honor the 50th Anniversary of the 1968 Interski event and the members of the PSIA team that served as the US delegation to that special congress. This will be a fun opportunity to celebrate and share stories with some of the best instructors in the world, as well as a deep network of snowsports professionals. Attendees can look forward to connecting with fellow PSIA-AASI members and deepening their ties to skiing education history.

For ten days, the best ski instructors from across the globe joined in Aspen, Colorado to discuss diverse teaching perspectives and learn about techniques from each country’s unique methodology. The US was proudly represented at the 1968 event by a talented delegation of 24 professional instructors. These skilled men and women shared America’s distinct teaching style with this International Congress of their peers; continuing the Interski tradition of pushing development and innovation in the world of ski education.

Begun in Zurs, Austria in 1951, Interski’s mission is as relevant now as it was in the early days. Now held every four years, the event still champions its long-standing goal of bringing together the world’s best professional instructors and outdoor industry leaders to ensure ski education continues to evolve in stride with today’s dynamic snowsport disciplines.

As always, Interski takes a bright and confident look at the future of snowsports across the world through networking and shared passion. The next International Congress will be hosted in Pamporovo, Bulgaria from March 17-23, 2019.


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The Snowcat; an Iconic Mountain Machine

A Ski Patrolman jumps over a snowcat at Bromley Mt, Vermont in 1965.

The infamous snowcat; hard-working mountain machines that make those bluebird on-piste days at your favorite resort SO good. They’re just about as iconic in mountain culture as Ski Patrol, Saint Bernards and après-ski happy hour. And just like all iconic things, they too have a deep and fascinating history!

A snowcat is simply a fully-tracked, truck size motor vehicle with an enclosed cab that’s designed to move over snow. Over the years, many custom and manufactured snowcats have been crafted for snow travel and trail grooming. Larger cats, or snow groomers, are also used extensively by most resorts to maintain in-bounds ski terrain and mountain access.

The story of the snowcat dates all the way back to the ill-fated 1910 Terra Nova Expedition to the Antarctic, led by British explorer Robert Scott. In their Antarctic explorations, and their quest to reach the geographic South Pole, Scott’s team found need for a tracked vehicle that could haul gear and equipment across the Great Ice Barrier (now called the Ross Ice Shelf). And so, the predecessor to modern cats was born. 

The snowcat has gone through countless designs since its inception in the early 1900s. The best known and longest-standing commercial manufacturer has been Tucker Sno-Cat Corp out of Medford, OR, which trademarked the Sno-Cat brand back in 1946. A few decades later, other manufactures like Thiokol/LMC, Bombardier and Aktiv were also cracking the snowcat market. Both Tucker and LMC models remain popular today as resort groomers and privately-owned cats.

Custom snowcats are often made for easier travel in regions with high annual snowfall, and these designs can be quite creative! Have you or anyone you know ever built one? If so, we’d love to see your photos!

To learn more about snowcats and their history, explore the sources below:


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Celebrating our National Ski Patrol

Vintage NSP Poster *click photo to purchase*

2018 marks the 80th anniversary of our National Ski Patrol!

Founded in 1938 by Charles Minot “Minnie” Dole, the National Ski Patrol (NSP) follows the enduring creed of “Service and Safety”, maintaining a strong presence in mountain communities across the country.

With its long-standing and distinguished legacy of service, the NSP is one of the few non-profit organizations that’s been recognized with a federal charter by the US Congress. Under this charter, the NSP strives to support the public by promoting on-mountain safety and education programs for its members, volunteers and winter recreation enthusiasts.

Since its establishment in 1938, the NSP has led the outdoor industry in these winter safety and emergency care education programs, especially professional training for both paid and volunteer patrollers. More than 30,000 trained patrollers now serve in over 650 patrols across the US and abroad.

For eight decades, these highly skilled staff and volunteers have championed the creed of “Service and Safety” in our mountain communities and become an iconic part of our mountain culture. These individuals remain dedicated to providing programs and rescue services that greatly improve our experiences as outdoor enthusiasts, skiers and riders each season.

The next time you see a patroller on the mountain, give them a big thanks or high five and let them know their dedication is appreciated!

Visit to learn more, become a member and sign up for programs with your National Ski Patrol.


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It’s Time to Celebrate the Olympic Games Again!

The Summer Olympics in London began on Friday, July 27, 2012, and end on Sunday, August 12, 2012.  As a global audience, we watch, while hundreds of athletes awe us with their physical abilities and stamina that are way beyond our own.  The Opening and Closing Ceremonies also invoke awe, as we watch the events that teams of highly talented professionals have put together for our enjoyment and amazement.

We want to thank London as the 2012 Host City for all they have done for seven years to prepare for this enormous event and make it available to the world.

Additionally in honor of these 2012 Summer Olympics, we thought it was a great time to see what Cities in the United States hosted previous Summer and Winter Olympics.  In total eight prior Olympic Games have been held in the United States.  As Vintage Ski World we know a lot more about the Winter Olympics than the Summer Olympics, but here are some tributes to the USA Host Cities.

1904 St. Louis, Louisiana Purchase (Missouri) Summer Games:
July 1, 1904, to November 23, 1904Officially, the Games lasted for 4 & 1/2 months! 

The first time the Games were held in the US in 1904, it was not an official Summer Olympics, but was officially known as the Games of the III Olympiad.  Many called it the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, informally known as the St. Louis World’s Fair,

It was an International Multi-sport event that combined the Olympic Games with a World’s Fair of all types of shows and chaos.  This made the actual Games of athletes competing against each other more like irrelevant side shows.  The Games were so poorly run that, as a result, the International Olympic Committee almost came to an end.  Gratefully the errors of those Games were corrected to allow the Olympics to continue!
Participants: 651 athletes competed – 645 men and 6 women representing 12 countries.
1932 Lake Placid, NY – First Winter Olympics Held in the US
February 4 – 13, 1932

The 1932 Winter Olympics, officially known as the III Olympic Winter Games, and held in the little town of Lake Placid.  The Lake Placid Club which was founded in 1895 was originally a summer resort, but in 1904 they decided to open the club for winter activities and it became famous for its winter sports. They created the first Bobsled run in the US, a 60-meter ski jump, and added an indoor skating arena, which was a Winter Olympic first!

The worldwide depression hindered plans for the Lake Placid Winter Olympics, and also decreased attendance.  Several nations withdrew and many others sent very small teams, because of the cost of travel to the United States.  Lake Placid had almost no snowfall for the two months prior to the Games, and an unusual heat wave hit the area, with temperatures in January even rising above 50° F. (10° C.). Fortunately two winter storms just before the Olympics alleviated the problem.
Participants: 252 (231 men and 21 women) from 17 countries competed.

1932 Los Angeles, CA Summer Olympic Games:
July 30 to August 14, 1932

Due to the fact that the world was mired in the Great Depression, it made the expense of traveling to California seem nearly impossible. For a while it seemed as if no one was going to attend the 1932 Olympic Games. Six months before the Games were to begin, not a single country had responded to the official invitations. Then they started to trickle in.

Additionally no one had the money to buy the spectator tickets and it seemed that the Memorial Coliseum, which had been expanded to 105,000 seats for the occasion, would be relatively empty. Then, a few Hollywood stars (including Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin, Marlene Dietrich, and Mary Pickford) offered to entertain the crowd and ticket sales picked up.

Los Angeles debuted three new Olympic traditions: 1) the Photo Finish, 2) the Victory Platform and 3) the very first Olympic Village for the Games. The Olympic Village consisted of 550 two-bedroom portable bungalows for the male athletes, a hospital, post office, library, and a large number of eating establishments to feed the athletes. The female athletes were housed in a luxury hotel downtown.

Participants: Approximately 1,300 athletes participated, representing 37 countries.

1960 Squaw Valley, CA Winter Olympic Games:
February 18 to 28, 1960

 It was the first time in 28 years that the Olympic Games had been held in North America.  Opening and Closing Ceremonies were orchestrated by none other than Walt Disney, and involved 5,000 participants, 1285 instruments and 2,645 voices from 52 California and Nevada high school bands. A throng of 1,000 competitors and 20,000 spectators stood hushed as the Olympic Torch completed a 9,000 mile odyssey from Europe and was placed in front of the Tower of Nations.  The VIII Olympic Winter Games at Squaw Valley “Opened” with a kaleidoscope of fireworks and colorful balloons and all forms of pageantry.

At that time the 1960 Winter Games were the largest ever held, with 34 nations competing in 15 alpine and ski jumping events, 8 speed skiing contests, 3 figure skating competitions and 28 hockey matches. Making its Olympic debut was women’s speed skiing and the men’s biathlon, a combination of Nordic skiing and rifle marksmanship.

The Squaw Games were highlighted by many other Winter Olympic ‘firsts’:
1) The speed skating, figure skating and ice hockey events were held on artificial ice for the first time in Olympic history. A refrigeration plant capable of heating 4,800 homes had to be built to generate and maintain the ice.

2) New timing equipment provided by Longines was installed that used a Quartz clock to measure to the hundredth of a second.

3) “IBM” provided a computer that was capable of tabulating results and printing them in English and French.

4) They were the first Winter Games to be nationally televised by CBS.

5) Although the 1932 Los Angeles Games had the first Olympic Village, this was the first time in Winter Olympic history that the athletes were housed in their own Olympic Village.

Participants:  Some records show 1,000 competitors and others say 665 athletes competed representing Thirty Nations.

We also want to honor the remaining Summer and Winter Olympics USA Host Cities of:

1980 Lake Placid, NY

1984 Los Angeles, CA

1996 Atlanta, GE

2002 Salt Lake City, UT


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“What’ll We Do When the Snow Is All Gone?” Go Ski Portillo, Chile or New Zealand?

What’s a skier to do when there is no more snow? One answer is to go find some snow in the Southern Hemisphere, like the mountains of Chile, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia.

As it has been between 90 and 100 degrees in Colorado lately, the idea of snow and skiing seems like a ‘cooling’ thought right about now. So we started thinking about those skiing in the Southern Hemisphere!

The famous Bob Gibson song from 1959 titled “What’ll We Do?” (Available on ITunes) has the following verses discussing this very issue of “What to Do When the Snow’s All Gone”:

“Look the icicles are all melting. Look the snow’s almost all gone. What’ll do we do when the snow’s all gone? What’ll do we do when the grass turns green? What’ll do when the tow shuts down and our favorite run is a muddy ravine? We can paint a picture or write a song – that’s all wrong. We can be domestic and learn to cook – all now look! We can take up golf or ride a horse. . . .  What’ll do we do when the robins come? What’ll do we do when the summer is here? What’ll do we do when we cannot ski and the sun is all over the hemisphere? We might have to go to school – don’t be a fool!  I can find a girl to be my bride – that’s suicide!  We might have to go to work – we’d go berserk! . . . Listen to me I’ve got an idea. We could go to Chile to ski Portillo!!!”

Check out some of our Southern Hemisphere Ski Posters by clicking on the images below. Also PLEASE let us know if you are aware of other great Ski Posters from the Southern Hemisphere (and maybe where to get them) and we will give you a free poster from our site!

Ski Portillo, Chile Vintage Art Deco Ski Poster


This great Ski Portillo Chile Poster commemorated the 50th anniversary of skiing in Portillo Chile. This great Ski Portillo Chile Poster commemorated the 50th anniversary of skiing in Portillo Chile.

In July of 1949 the Portillo Ski Resort was inaugurated under the supervision of the government hotel company HONSA. In 1961, the Portillo ski area was sold to private investors. The principal stockholder was Robert W. Purcell, a New York investment executive who initiated a development plan for the ski area which included new ski lifts and construction to increase the hotel capacity to 500 beds. The hotel was refurbished and a heated swimming pool and sauna facilities were added. These improvements enabled Portillo to bid successfully on hosting the World Alpine Ski Championship in 1966, an international event which marked the beginning of modern skiing in South America. European and North American skiers discovered that great skiing could be enjoyed during the summer months–and that South America had well-developed facilities and exemplary skiing.

By 1968, the international road between Chile and Argentina was finished, allowing easy access to Portillo via automobile.

Notice the famous Gran Hotel in the background. What looks like small figures are actually skiers in every possible move often seen on the ski slopes. Therefore the poster is also quite funny.



Ski in Los Andes Portillo, Chile Vintage Ski Poster

Ski in Los Andes Portillo Chile, from June to October is an ad that has been successfully calling out to the Northern Hemisphere skiers for decades.  If you want to ski all year or train in the summer, Portillo is one of the top spots in the world to get your fix.








Dick Durrance Skiing New Zealand – Lunch Is For Sissies Ski Poster


Eat an apple at the top of the hill and keep charging. That’s what Dick Durrance was doing in his early years of skiing. The image of Dick skiing in New Zealand is from the 1930’s. However the poster was created in the late 1990’s as an advertisement for Aspen Highlands.




Remember to PLEASE Comment to let us know if you are aware of other great Ski Posters from the Southern Hemisphere (and maybe were to get them) and we will give you a free poster from our site!

Also we love to hear about your “What’ll we do when the snow’s all gone ideas”! So click the title line above to leave us a comment.

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Join Vintage Ski World in Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary!

We have really enjoyed doing business with all of you over the last 10 years!


Vintage Ski World started with seven posters in the summer of 2002.  

Today our website offers over 1400 ski related products. We have truly enjoyed finding and making available to you this unique Collection Celebrating the History of Skiing!

So we thought it was time to tell you about our first Seven Posters.

Click on any of these Posters to go to their page where you will find more information about them and also be able to order it.

The ‘’ watermark is not on the actual product.


Aspen Highlands Fred Iselin Art Deco Ski Poster


Fred was one of the early instructors on Aspen Mt. in the 1940’s and later co-directed the Aspen Ski School in the 50’s with Friedl Pfeifer.









Ski Aspen Leaf Vintage Art Deco Ski Poster


This 1960’s poster advertises Aspen Ski area. The town of Aspen got its name in the late 1800’s, replacing its original name of Ute City, due to the gorgeous Aspen trees that cover the lower regions of the Elk Mountains.









Alta Vintage Art Deco Poster 1941 Dick Durrance Ski School


Our Alta poster is a classic. In the later 1930s, a group of Salt Lake City skiers and businessmen began to look at Alta as a site for a ski resort. George Watson donated 1800 acres of land to the US forest service so Alta could be built. The first chairlift opened in 1938, with 2630 vertical feet. The lift cost .15 cents per ride.








Sun Valley Olympian Vintage Art Deco Poster


This Sun Valley poster is from 1948. The artist, Shepler was honoring Gretchen Fraser, winner of America’s first Gold Medal in Olympic Alpine skiing!









Berner Oberland Vintage Art Deco Ski Poster


Everyone loves the Berner Oberland area of Switzerland. It is a beautiful mountainous region above and south of the city Bern, in the State of Bern. The area is famous for year around mountain sports, like hiking, mountain climbing, and skiing.








Northland Skis Ad Vintage Art Deco Poster


The skier on the poster is Luggi Foeger, who taught skiing for Hannes Schneider at St. Anton in Austria. Foeger came to the U.S., as part of a wave of European ski instructors, in the 1930’s. He later joined the 10th Mountain Division. He was a ski racer, ski area developer, and movie producer.








Which Poster is your favorite?


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Book Sale 20% Off – from Vintage Ski World!

For years, we have been serving as the go to source for vintage skiing books, covering topics like: ski history, skiing techniques, ski towns, Ski Annuals, and so much more. Additionally we carry ski books discussing present day information like: backcountry skiing tips, great cookbooks from ski towns, children’s’ books by Aspen’s Ski Dog ‘Fraser’, snowboarding books, and more.

Whenever you are searching for books related to skiing, look no further than Vintage Ski World. We carry books that were published back in the early 1940’s as well as more modern skiing techniques books and hard to find books about skiing. No matter what it is that you are looking for, start and end your search with Vintage Ski World.

For a limited time, Vintage Ski World Now has a 20% Off Sale on All Books!

Click on any of these books to go to their page where you will find more information about the book and also be able to order it with the sale discount. Here are a few of our favorites:

The Story of Modern Skiing Book – by John Fry
Author Signed!


The Story of Modern Skiing, an Award-winning book is signed by the author. John Fry, a renowned insider, discusses the ultimate history of skiing through the decades. This is the definitive history of the sport that has exhilarated and infatuated in just North America, about 30 million Americans and Canadians over the course of the last fifty years. Consummate insider John Fry chronicles the rise of a ski culture and every aspect of the sport’s development, including the emergence of the mega-resort and advances in equipment, technique, instruction, and competition.


Downhill in Montana Book

Signed by Author, Stan Cohen!



The book details the early days of Skiing in the Treasure State of Montana and Yellowstone Park by Stan Cohen.  Ski book includes 278 Pages, Full Color, 500 Photos, Maps Letters, Brochures and Letters.



Adventures of Fraser The Yellow Dog – Rescue on Aspen Mountain
By award winning Aspen author Jill Sheeley.
Signed by the Authors Fraser and Jill Sheeley!


This ski book takes us on an adventure up Aspen Mountain and to a deep, dark mine shaft where a puppy is trapped. Fraser alerts the girls of impending trouble and is a hero as he devises a plan to rescue the puppy (Maggie).




No Limits
Signed by the Author!



The Amazing Life Story of Rhona and Rhoda Wurtele, Canada’s Olympian Skiing Pioneers, by Byron Rempel.  The book chronicles the twins and how they overcame many hardships to have outstanding skiing careers, winning race after race.




Pictorial History of Downhill Skiing – By Stan Cohen.
Signed by the Author!

The history of skiing is a fascinating subject that can hardly be covered in detail in one volume. This classic ski book of downhill skiing is one of the best overviews of ski history you’ll find anywhere, with great pictures making it a wonderful reading experience.




Ski & Snow Country: The Golden Years of Skiing in the West

Signed by Warren Miller!


The early, romantic days of skiing in the West, from the 1930s to the ’50s, were a time of glamour and great excitement. Hollywood movie stars in the latest snow fashions shared chair lifts with the originators of “extreme” skiing. Skiers zoomed down the mountains with primitive equipment, relying on enthusiasm and their own brand of skill to take them successfully to the bottom. Otto Lang, Hannes Schneider, Errol Flynn, and dozens of other celebrities and even early Olympic athletes peppered these snowy slopes, having the time of their lives.



What’s your favorite book?


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Warren Miller DVD’s for Sale from Vintage Ski World!

In the spirit of our DVD sale, we want to highlight our extensive collection of Warren Miller DVDs!

When you’re looking for those hard to find ski films on DVD, look no further than Vintage Ski World. We stock the only complete collection of Warren Miller films on DVD available, including the classic films narrated by Warren Miller himself. For years, we have been serving the ski community and history enthusiasts with some of the finest vintage ski collectables. Find Warren Miller’s Dynasty, Children of Winter and other ski movies here at Vintage Ski World. Many of the Warren Miller DVD’s we have on sale are also available in Blu-Ray!



Journey through the Decades DVD Box Set

In his quest to capture the thrills and spills of alpine skiing and kindred adventure sports, Warren miller has spanned not only the globe, but the decades. This amazing collection of Warren miller films is a trip down memory slope, preserving for future generations of winter sports fans the breathtaking scenery, the unforgettable music and the astonishing feats of legendary athletes on the snow and in the air.




No Boundaries 2007 DVD Box Set

Warren Miller films have set the bar for winter sport films for nearly 60 years. Widely known for their amazing locations, athletic excellence, stunning camerawork, killer music and humor, these films have taken us around the globe portraying the challenges and joys of skiing and all snow sports. No Boundaries includes the three most recent – and most spectacular – of the films, plus a bonus disc on the making of the first high-definition ski film.




Riders Collection DVD Box Set

The master of winter action takes you on the ride of your life in three movies in this box set: Snowriders, Snowriders 2 and Freeriders. Whether on boards, skis, bikes or even kayaks, the Warren Miller team captures it all. Jaw-dropping feats of athleticism play out against awe-inspiring panoramas. Add the trademark Warren Miller humor and exotic locations, then set it to the coolest tunes and these films are more thrill rides than they are movies.



The Power of Snow DVD Box Set

For over 50 years, the films of Warren Miller Entertainment have set the standard in the world of action and adventure sports. During this time their camera crews have ventured to the planet’s extremes to capture the greatest athletes of our times pushing the limits of human ability. The impact of the Warren Miller mystique has spanned generations, influenced lifestyles, and created a worldwide following like no other.




Higher Ground Collector’s Edition Deluxe 2 Disc Set Warren Miller DVD

Warren Miller’s Higher Ground chronicles a dedicated band of the world’s most acclaimed winter sports athletes as they crisscross the globe in search of new and more thrilling ways to experience the ride. For extreme sports athlete Dave Barlia this meant flying over 10 feet off the ground at 130 miles per hour, over the slopes of Chamonix. World Cup mogul champion and Olympian Jeremy Bloom had “a life-changing experience” when he went heli-skiing for the first time in the wild backcountry of British Columbia.



More Warren Miller DVD’s available:




Visit our Warren Miller page to see all the other Warren Miller items we have for sale!

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DVD Box Set Sale from Vintage Ski World!

Vintage Ski World is having a sale on DVD Box Sets! We’re offering $10- $20 off the regular prices. If you’re looking for films from Otto Lang, Greg Stump, Glenn Plake, Dick Barrymore and Warren Miller, we’ve got them!

For our complete list of sale DVDs visit this link.

Greg Stump’s Classic Collection of Ski Films in a DVD Box Set

Available on DVD for the first time, this Classic Collector’s Edition box set includes the four most critically acclaimed ski films from film maker Greg Stump. Blizzard of Ahhh’s (1988), License to Thrill (1989), Groove: Requiem in the Key of Ski (1991), and P-Tex, Lies, and Duct Tape (1994).

See some of the most influential ski films ever made by the man who introduced extreme skiing to the world in this 4-DVD collection, Greg Stump Classics. Stump’s The Blizzard of Aahhh’s masterpiece was what put extreme skiing on the map. Each film features jaw-dropping footage of extreme skiing, interesting characters and entertaining stories set to four unique soundtracks in the way only Greg Stump can do it.

The Blizzard of Ahhh’s is the film that made Scot Schmidt, Glen Plake, and Mike Hattrup famous. These 4 films also showcase the skiing talent of Geoff Stump, Kevin Andrews, Darren Johnson, Kim Reichhelm, Dan Donnelly and others to the backdrop of awesome powder and steeps. Plus the DVDs have truly fantastic soundtracks featuring the music of acclaimed Seal, 808 State, The Beastie Boys, British rock producer Trevor Horn, and many more. Greg’s unique brand of humor is added fun, that has made his films so popular for so long… just push play and crank it up!

Total Run Time: Approx. 405 minutes



Relive the Golden Age of Skiing – from 1940s Hollywood coming to Sun Valley, Idaho for lessons, to the birth of hot-dogging in the 1970s. This is one of the best ski film collections you can buy — all on DVD! Features the films of: John Jay, Otto Lang, and Dick Barrymore. Run time: Approximately 5 hours

Otto Lang Films: Otto Lang was an entrepreneur, a ski instructor to the stars and an Academy Award®-nominated documentarian. His DVD The Basic Principles of Skiing (1941) was instrumental in the training regimen of the United States mountain troops. His film Ski Flight (1939) premiered at Radio City Music Hall, and Skifully Yours (1939) is Lang’s retrospective on the star-studded Sun Valley scene.

John Jay Films: John Jay was a Rhodes Scholar and respected ski filmmaker, and is considered the grand-daddy of the modern ski-film road show. His film Winter Magic Around the World (1946-’70) is part travelogue and part thrilling ski spectacle with a narrative tone as light as a dusting of fresh powder, and The Best of John Jay (1946-’70) is a ski safari of yesteryear’s most daring action.

Dick Barrymore Films: Dick Barrymore was a Los Angeles fireman before he earned his global reputation as one of the greatest ski filmmakers of all time. His film, The Performers (1971) ushered in the freestyle revolution and The Last of the Ski Bums (1967) follows three footloose Americans living it up on the slopes in Europe.



A History of Ski Films DVD Box Set

This great DVD Box Set – A History of Ski Films – 70 Years of Thrills, Chills & Spills is a fantastic addition to any collection of ski films through the decades! See the most extreme and the most important ski films ever made by the sport’s best filmmakers, including Greg Stump, Dick Barrymore, Micah Black and Otto Lang. See the film that put extreme skiing on the map, climb Everest with the Marolt brothers…and then ski down, relive the ski scene in the 1940’s on the star-studded slopes in Sun Valley, and reach out and touch the trademark Mohawk of extreme skiing star Glen Plake. Do all of this in 16 blood-pumping films showing ski and snowboarding trips around the globe, from Alaska to Turkey!

Product Features: Four must-have, classic Greg Stump films

* Six hours of amazing footage, crazy stories and wild skiing
* Films include The Blizzard of Aahhh’s, Groove: Requiem in the Key of Ski, License to Thrill and P-Tex, Lies & Duct Tape
* Featuring skiers Glen Plake, Scot Schmidt and Mike Hattrup
* Filmed at extreme ski locations around the world, from Val D’Isère, Squaw Valley and Blackcomb
* Four unique soundtracks that include music by The Beastie Boys, Seal, Dinosaur Jr. & more
* Bonus! Greg Stump and Friends Reunion featuring Olympic gold medalist Jonny Moseley



Steep, Deep, & Launched DVD Box Set

Get the tightest in “jib” style and culture with air, cliffs, rails, urban, pipe, and a ton more in this 4-DVD set.
Visionaries and favorites like Jeremy Jones, Micah Black, and Kent Kreitler fuse jib and big mountain styles in The Prophecy DVD.
Next witness skiing’s new generation’s ‘happy days’ in the DVD Salad Days.
Then Candide Thovex throws d-spin 720s over a 120-foot gap, plus Les Trois Philips breaks ground in the new millennium with never-before-seen tricks and mad footage from big air comps and terrain parks around the world – which push the sport into new ground in the DVD Further.
Catch tricks you’ve never seen before in the DVD Continuum. This all-time favorite is all about extreme snow action. Footage shot on location in the packs of Idaho, Wyoming, Alaska, and New Zealand won two awards at the International Film Festival and was voted Best Movie of the Year by France’s acclaimed SKIEUR magazine.
The best sport ski photographers bring you the best new skiers in DVD Maximum: Steep, Deep & Launched.

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