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Richard saves us!

Apr 23, 2012 by John Clendenin

Your passion keeps our heritage alive. Where we come from is so much more than a memory because you allow us to touch and feel our past. Your passion makes you our most meaningful ski historian. Thanks so much.
Johnny c

Sharing ski history with everyone

Apr 19, 2012 by Paul e Hooge

For over a decade Richard has been working with my wife and I to build our
Ski memorabilia and ski artifact collection at \"Hooge Ski History Haus\" in Crested Butte, CO into one of the finest in the country. Because of his knowledge
and experience in this field Richard is always discovering rare and unique items
that fill specific voids in our collection. It is always a pleasure working with
Richard knowing how much he loves what he is doing and what a benefit he
Is to ski history nationally and internationally.

Apr 18, 2012 by Wiley Maple

Vintage Ski World was one of the best shops in Aspen, i went in almost everyday it was in town... sadly it is no longer there but I can still get all the coolest old hats and posters online! I went up and saw Richard in Missouri Height\'s and was astounded how his collection has grown he has every piece of ski wear and memorabilia from the start of the sport... Its ski heaven up there!!!
love your shop!

Best Website EVER!

Mar 30, 2012 by Rachel Bauer

I really enjoyed viewing all the different collections on this site, it brings back sooo many great memories of skiing! If you\'re thinking of buying a ski memorabilia gift for your special someone, look no further. This site has it all! Fast and IMMEDIATE shipping. Excellent customer service. Affordable prices. Gifts for all ages and available all year long! Thank you Richard for sharing your passion with all of us :-)

Mar 29, 2012 by jake Hoeschler

Richard, you have the finest collection-warehouse of vintage ski products on the planet! And your collection of vintage posters and your ability to replicate personal posters is fantastic. You should give tours of your warehouse-it\'s great!!!

Vintage Ski World is wonderful!

Mar 28, 2012 by Todd Murchison

I have watched Richards passionate and extraordinary knowledge of ski history, and his collection, grow over the years. And continue to be overwhelmed by it! A truly unique and rich collection to have in America, or anywhere in the world! My only sadness here is that I now live in Vermont instead of out west, so I can't enjoy the collection in person anymore!

If anybody has any questions I recommend you contact Richard, you will not regret it!

keeping the spirit alive

Mar 28, 2012 by Genia Fuller

Richard and his crew have done an amazing job in collecting an extrordinary collection of collectable memorabilia. He has helped so many complete their collections with things that are so hard to find. Richard has truly embraced the sport of skiing and it's essence from the beginning. Take a peak, I am sure you will be thrilled!!

Vintage Ski World is Superb!!!

Mar 27, 2012 by corky fowler

Richard Allen and his folks at Vintage Ski World have created the most remarkable collection of historical ski memorabilia on the planet... If you love skiing and skiers, you'll love Vintage Ski World!!! You'll be sure to find that "special, unique gift" for a skier friend or a treasure for your own home. Not only is their in-depth range of posters, action photos, DVD's, etc. really great... Their service and delivery is excellent! I can't recommend Vintage Ski World highly enough to anyone who loves the history of skiers and skiing... Wishing Richard Allen and his crew at Vintage Ski World All The Best, Always!!! Corky Fowler Skier/Artist/Writer

Mar 27, 2012 by bernt

thanks for the great ski movies and ullr pins.this is the best site for a wide array of vintage ski stuff,from skiis to ski history books.bernt steamboat springs colorado


Jan 18, 2012 by Dan Rider


Your selection of skis and endless posters is fantastic, I'm running out of walls.

Service great also.


Vintage Ski World, LLC 800-332-6323 or 970-963-9025 1521 Panorama Drive Carbondale CO, 81623 USA
(Near Aspen)
5.0 5.0 11 11 Richard Your passion keeps our heritage alive. Where we come from is so much more than a memory because you allow us to touch and feel our past. Your passion makes you our most m
Vintage Ski World, LLC
1521 Panorama Drive CarbondaleCO81623 USA
(Near Aspen)

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